Haha, it's been a while hasn't it? haha. Well, my computer is totally screwed up and sometimes it doesn't let me work on the page, so that accounts for a lot of it, but the main reason of course is the fact that Shan and Germany are such lazy bastards. That's right, they're lazy bastards. BASTARDS. (SeanGTK@aol.com, and Germstien@hotmail.com) Again, hate mail and mail bombs are appreciated. Anyway, here's an interesting story I ran across the other day: "Seven hundred and seventy seven trillion, seven hundred and seventy seven billion, seven hundred and seventy seven million, seven hundred and seventy seven thousand, seven hundred and seventy seven." That's all for now, but I may update again in the next 7 months, hahaha. I think i'll decide that i'm supposed to do it once a month, it's easier to manage, but if I miss a month, whoops, too bad. HAHAHAHA! (don't forget to send hate mail and mail bomb Germany and Shan)


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President of the World


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