This is our episodic comedy podcast, following Richard Jackson and John Jerk as they host a call-in talk show and deal with their personal and financial problems through debate and violence, and discuss everything else conceivable to the human mind.

The ONLY official Bird Blog, The Psycho No Deal Zone is primarily an archive of deranged bird "photographs" with their intriguing accompanying stories. Meet famous sculptor birds, Elvis impersonating birds, bodybuilder birds, Sheriff Birds that feud with astronauts, and more. Words do not do these birds justice. PNDZ is no longer limited to birds however, and there is no telling what great new content you will see.

This storyboard chronicles the great battle between Pig and Everyone's Favorite Beak Master. The stars of Space Battle are Everyone's Favorite Beak Master, Pig, and the Space Gods. Everyone's Favorite Beak Master is a humble, middle-class shoemaker who lives with his brother. Pig is a ferocious beast used by the Space Gods to eliminate people they don't like. Victims will be tossed into the Space Colosseum to face Pig, and ultimately die. The Space Gods are impulsive and uneducated crab-egg hybrids who rule over all of space. The story takes place in a far-off galaxy, 100 years into the future.

This is a script for a feature film starring Ninja Worm in his quest for fame and riches after his movie career collapses thanks in part to the aspirations of Manta Man. Ninja Worm and Mr. Menudo team up to get back on top of the world in any way possible.

This is a website devoted to a religion surrounding the television show "Captain Planet". Created by legendary coal miner Chat Vickerson, this religion plans to finance the fusion of human and alligator genomes to create something of a "super-race" with the assistance of Danny DeVito and the Houston Astrodome.

Crimson Vodka is a short story about vampires, booze, family, oil, and pro wrestling.

This is an archive of arguments for and against Quasars.

The FFB is an organization dedicated to learning and talking about Floam, the sticky stuff with styrofoam balls in it.


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