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This is a clip from the movie that we are creating based on the stories from the Anti-Quasar Coalition. It is out of context however, so you may not understand the circumstances, but suffice it to say that this family is not a happy family, and the chefs are the authors of the Anti-Quasar testimonials from the Anti-Quasar Coalition. The family itself is consists of Dennis' wife, who has run off with Delphonik, a Quasar. The son is hers and Dennis'.

Ninja Worm*
Green Dude
Old Dude
Dancing Dude
Chicken Boy

Suicidal Stunts

Klaxon (Featuring OutKast)

*All of these videos were created some time ago (longer than some of the dates in the videos would lead you to believe). Just to avoid confusion, Ninja Worm is voiced by both Sean and myself, so when you hear our completely different voices talking as him, it's still the same character. Also, in some scenes you may find other characters laying around in the background - this is just due to sloppiness, they aren't really supposed to be there unless it's brutally obvious that it is intentional. The uploaded movies are some of the later ones, a lot of the really early ones are mostly garbage. Also, a lot of times, me and Sean would get bored and just stop working on them and never finish particular episodes, and interrupt them and start over for no reason.

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