About Us

Mission Statement: "To finance the fusion of man and alligator genomes, to create a new race of creatures that attract the birds that clean the teeth of alligators (the Egyptian plover)."

We are the planeteers. We were formed in 1878 as a coal miners' union, in order to combat unhealthy and unsanitary conditions in the mines. Over time, as our needs changed, so did the goals of our organization. Eventually, it became clear that coal mine conditions were the least of our problems – we needed to spread the gospel of Captain Planet. Skeptics accused us of madness from breathing in the contaminated air from the mines, but we had no reason to doubt our leader, the legendary 97 year old dedicated coal miner Chet Vickerson, who worked in the mines even in his final months of life. He had told us in his final breath on his death bed what we needed to do, and there was no denying it. I speak, of course, of our mission statement.

As our congregation expanded, it became clear that we needed a location to hold our events. Thanks to the generous contribution from famous movie actor Danny Devito, we were able to purchase the Houston Astrodome, and now we hold weekly Dome Meetings, and annual “Own The Dome” conventions to energize our membership with the glory of Captain Planet and televised Alligator nature specials.

The future of the human race.


Alligator image source: http://www.uwstout.edu/careers/business_atire.jpg
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