Captain Planet:


When someone is polluting the earth, Gaia is the one who alerts the planeteers who in turn, alert Captain Planet. With a single glance, she can turn men to stone. Thanks to the rocket thrusters growing out of her back, she has the ability to fly – like an angel. We believe that Gaia represents Medusa, the evil woman-snake beast. Medusa is the most evil of all creatures, and the number one enemy of the planeteers. She relentlessly tries to conquer the spirits of planeteers, and kidnap them to take back to the snake world – where only snakes dwell.

Gi has the power to control water and is therefore a modern adaptation of a pirate. Like a pirate, she has the ability to speak to and understand parrots. With this supernatural ability, Gi is able to sympathize with the entire parrot species. Gi plays a vital role in negotiating with hostage-taking parrots and saves many lives in the process. Gi is a representation of the guardian angel that watches over the entire parrot race.

Kwame, with his ring, has the power to control the element ‘earth'. Kwame is clearly a representation of General Robert E. Lee, commander of the southern militia during the American Civil War. With his abilities to create mountains out of flat land, shift landmasses, and create earthquakes, Kwame is one of the most powerful and inspirational characters from Captain Planet. As the chosen messenger, Kwame uses his powers to spread the word of Captain Planet and recruit people, young and old, to the planeteer front. He is a role model for all.

Linka's catchphrase “who dropped the bomb?” is a clear indication of what kind of person she is. The act of ‘dropping' something is reminiscent of an owner dropping food into a fish bowl, or a person dropping change into the hands of the less fortunate. ‘Bomb', used in this context, is synonymous with ‘love'. This interpretation (the correct interpretation) would transform “Who dropped the bomb?” into “who dropped the love?” This leads the planeteers to believe that Linka symbolizes cupid, and the wind that she controls to destroy trucks, trains, and buildings is the ‘arrow'.

Ma-Ti's power of “Heart” is a clear indication that we should store the deceased's hearts in a large vault in the Astrodome (as seen in the Philosophy section). The “dash” in Ma-Ti's name, is an obvious representation of the movement of time. We all know that over a period of time, hearts eventually cease working. That is the purpose of our vault; it is time-proof. Ma-Ti's youthful presence symbolizes hope for all planeteers to become great warriors in the name of the stars.

Wheeler is very much like a trusty dog. This is why his nickname in the show is “man's best friend”. Wheeler represents loyalty, friendship, and dogs. It is noted in the series that Wheeler's DNA is a combination of both human and canine blood. This explains Wheeler's excellent sense of smell and the ability to shoot fire from his hands. Because of how loyal Wheeler is to the planeteers, he uses his powers to strengthen friendships between people by setting things on fire. Each fire lit by Wheeler symbolizes togetherness and unity (the dancing flames are like people dancing in a ballroom

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