•  Afterlife
After death, we believe that your entire fortune should not be left to your loved ones, but rather be used to finance the removal of your heart, and the coating of it in precious metals (gold, silver, etc). These hearts are then to be deposited in a large unlabeled vault in the dome. This vault is time-proof to prevent the slow dissolution of these hearts.

•  Origins
We believe that the earth was formed not by a “big bang” or other such nonsense, but rather the fusion of the 5 powers of the 5 rings (heart, fire, wind, water, earth).

•  Existence
We believe not in “science”. We believe that existence is composed of small magic crystals floating around all over the universe.


Alligator heads exemplify perfection.

•  Accessaibility
Captain Planet is not visible to everyone. Rather only to 18 year old William, who is the son of Ms. Krumplefeather. William listens to Captain Planet and relays all that he says to the congregation.

•  Natural Phenomena
Captain Planet has complete control over the weather. We at “The Power is Yours” have found a member of our congregation that, infused with the life force of Captain Planet, is able to interpret weather patterns to predict future weather events. We call this visionary a “weatherman”.

•  Naming Convention
All Planeteers will renounce their surname, and have it replaced with "Planet", to show their solidarity for Captain Planet.

•  Holy Text
Our holy text is the episode number 133 of the Jeff Corwin Experience, in which Corwin documents his journey in the search for alligators.

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