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We need more planeteers!

Becoming a planeteer may sound difficult, but it's not. You're probably thinking “I don't even recycle” or “I've littered recently”. Well, you're in luck – none of that matters. If you've either read about us or visited the ‘Philosophy' section of the site, you know this already. If you haven't, then you should, you heretic. By doing so, you will understand our purpose, and why we need volunteers.

Being a planeteer means believing. Believing in the message of Captain Planet, and doing your best to make his hopes and dreams a reality. It is entirely possible to do this, you just have to be dedicated to the cause. That means attending weekly dome meetings, giving us your money, introducing others to the vision of Capt. Planet, and never listening to anyone who disagrees with us. Becoming a planeteer also means benefits, and here they are:

Planeteer benefits

•  Making donations to the Planeteers

•  Free $5 gift certificate to the “THE POWER IS YOURS” gift shop.

•  Admission to weekly Dome Meetings

•  Self-worth.

Click here for some updates from real people in real places doing real work...FOR THE LORD.

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