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Long Form Poetry
"IN THE MIND OF STEVE FORBES" by Steve Forbes | "Lyf" | "Poem A: Crap" | "Poem B: One if by land" | "Poem C: Soul"

Short Form Poetry
The Park | Dinner | Roses

This is a horror story that I wrote when I was 11-12. It is definitely bone-chilling.

DATABASE / Character profiles

This section contains information regarding some of our Devastating character designs.
Juba the Flum Pig Muskratt Flifflesmuff Virus Crimson Crabs
Bird Flum Felimmmzibak Abraham Pancho the Mexican Jumping Bean Minster
Fuba the Flum Moonster Ninja Sloog Konger
Tri Flum Speedy Happy Ball Gauffer Johnson Jones
Turtle Flum Puff Schtick Paff Tournament (unfinished)


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