Minority Showdown

Years ago, people were lamenting the fact that reality shows were taking over television. Many people thought that they were a fad, one that would be gone in a few years. However, this has not been the case. Reality shows are as popular as ever, but no one is really pushing the envelope. This is where my idea comes in.

Combining danger, competition, and risk/reward, “Minority Showdown” is a reality show in which 30 minorities are packed into a steel cage, containing several weapons. The goal of the showdown is to escape the cage, and the winner gets plastic surgery in order to make them white males.

The cage dimensions are 15 feet by 15 feet, and the cage is 80 feet tall. It is split into two sections. The lower section is separated from the upper section by scaffolding on all sides of the cage, about half way up the height of the structure, protruding about 3 feet from the wall on each side. The lower half has walls of wire mesh that can be crawled up from anywhere. However, the upper cage is surrounded by flat walls that are impossible to climb (thanks in part to a slippery gel that covers the walls), save for two ladders, positioned side by side, the top 5 rungs of which are heated to 400 degrees.

The roof of the cage does not even open for ten minutes, so the combatants are forced to battle it out for at least that long before attempting to escape. When the roof does open, one small section in the center stays in place, as a rope is hanging from it. It is impossible to get to without jumping, risking your life, and the only advantage is the ability to swing yourself at the people climbing the stairs, knocking them down.

The weapons are:
One 9mm pistol
One chain with a hook at the end of it
One bag of broken glass
One cheese grater
One net
One frying pan
One slingshot
One pack of matches
One bee hive
One syringe with steroids
One spear

Rough sketch of cage design

Obviously, this will lead to numerous deaths, likely at least half of the combatants. While a tragedy for the victims and their families, the risk will increase ratings, and I am confident that their loss will be offset by a paycheck of a fraction of the profits.


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