I haven't figured out on what basis my column will be written, i guess it'll just be whenever the hell i feel like it. As you know, Tuesday is Old Hallow's Eve, or Hard Workin' Bobby Walker's birthday, and it's gonna be sweesh. Just in case you havent figured out what to dress up as, here's an idea. Take any regular old pillow from someone's bed, make sure it's in a pillow case, and place the pillow over your head, so as the pillow itself will be between your face and the trick or treaters. You will probably want to talk normally and not try to act scary. If you decide to go trick or treating, i urge you to not ask for candy, just say "hey, can i come in?" and walk into their house and sit on their couch and watch tv until they ask you to leave. Or, if you don't want to do that, (for whatever reason, seems strange not to want to though)you might want to ring the doorbell and when they come to the door, just stand there and stare at them. Dont say anything. Or, if you feel like having an adventure, come on down to Waynoka and join the party of cool dancers. We will be dancing in the street and acting really cool. Until next time, this is Kont, signing off.


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