Sorry for the lack of updates recently, as I....uh....well, there really isn't a reason for not updating. I think that today, I will cover the current "tie" in the election. Well, it's all come down to the state of Florida, and I have to admit, i am very disapointed in you. Buchannon got less than .5% of the vote, and a lot of the vote was because people didn't understand the ballot, and meant to vote for Gore. And you may say "But Kont, I'm not eligible to vote! I had nothing to do with it!" well, you see, that's the problem. You didn't do anything! You were supposed to sabotage everything! MAKE Buchannon win! but nooooooo, you had to go and vote for the idiot Bush, or Stiff Gore, or that damn tree hugger Nader. WHY NOT VOTE NAZI BUCHANNON!? Anyway, you bastards ruled him out, and Nader's not a possibility, so that leaves you with Bush or Gore. Damn you all! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


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