It’s the eternal question on everyone’s mind. Why anything? Why must everyone do anything at all? Why? A dead man once said to me. “ If you’re going to live, live as though you are and not because you is.” This new concept shook my foundation on life. All this time I thought it was because “ you is” but now that I know the truth of “you are” everything is different.

To understand this the origins of this must be evaluated. It stared as a conjunctional clause in the 1800’s about the time that “was” was being formed. The idea was that one existed in a place and time. When in reality this is false. One doesn’t exist. One is nothing. Now “uno” that is something. The “u” stands for “YOU” and the “no” stands for “no.” Uno basically means “YOU NO!” or in other words, “you do not exist.” This new idea about non-existence really changed things. If I don’t exist then who shot Mrs. OLSON? I mean its pretty obvious that no one did. Mrs. Olson
doesn’t exist right?

To fully understand the point of “Why” one must look at animals. Animals do everything on instinct, and we humans do things on choice and observation and not instinct. Our “choice” is what brought sharks to leave California. That is a reason to exist. If sharks are willing to leave California, aren’t we able to endure countless hours of rape and torture? No! In circles of brilliance it is obvious that smart people have smarty-pants. Why else would they be so smart? If you had FOUR eyes, couldn’t you see things others couldn’t see, thus making you super ultra delicious?


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