I once had a friend and his name was Kevin. We were best pals in high school or some would even say “chums.” One thing I never understood about Kevin was that he always seemed to have issues with hygiene. It got to the point my sophomore year when I had to pull him aside and rebuke him for his filthiness. Well anyway Kevin and I remained friends until I went off to college. His family didn't have much money and so he went into the family business right away. One time I came home to visit during the fall semester and Kevin was no where to be found. I tried calling his parents, but they didn't seem to know what I was talking about. That semester when I returned to school, things just didn't seem right with Kevin. Then one of the last days before my exams he showed up at a party. It was exciting to see him after all this time. I ran over to where he was standing by the keg to say hello. I waved at him and said “sup,” he responded with a “yo dude.” We were friends again. It was great to be back together. Three years later he died in a car wreck.


Stem Cell Research

Operation Satisfaction


Soviet Attack Plan

Old Crap

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