In the last 31 years the United States of America has been the police for democracy. We brought ourselves into Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Croatia, Bosnia, Kuwait, Afghanistan and soon Iraq. All of this for the safety of democracy and freeing enslaved peoples. THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH. We have been doing all of this to try out our new weaponry. When we dropped the atomic bombs on Japan in 1945, it wasn't for the sake of ending the war; it was for making a giant fireball that looked cool. Why else would we spend so much money a year on the military? I could justify testing new weapons and enslaving people, but freedom and democracy, that doesn't hold water.

Hitler understood this concept; you see the holocaust wasn't actually a mass murder. It was a medical exercise to try and improve human life. Yes they may have slaughtered thousands of filthy Jews, but they did it in the name of science and love. During all of these "exercise's" they discovered the most vital human element.. Tylenol. That's right, the save your day medicine was invented by the Nazi's. What would you do if all those Jews had not been murdered.. Take an Advil?

The reason we are attacking Iraq or trying to, is because destroying Iraq with a nuclear bomb would create the cure for cancer. The radioactive protons would fuse with the charred corps's and the biological agents to form what the future will call Tylenol++. Fixing cancer is a worthy cause, worthy enough to destroy a nation.


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