Holla For a True Playa, R.I.P. G

Man, all's I gotta say is that Fuck that mothafucker that created that anti-Quasar shit. Quasar, aka Q-Dawg, and Qandré was a tight g and straight up hustla. All that bullshit about him on that site is just straight up speculatin' on our homeboy. I can tell you right up that our homeboy wouldn't do shit like that. And now this bullshit little wannabe gang is surfacin, dissin our fallen homie, we don't just take that shit out here in tha streets yo. Queens fo' life.
-Tron Aka Chantel

And now, a little freestylin' from our homeboy Y-Facta
Man, who dis shit who be dissin on Q?
Well, whoeva he is he betta know he's in our view
That mutha fuckas gonna pay for dissin our fallen homie
He's gonna end up in his own momma's pastrami
That piece of shit don't know what he's talkin 'bout
That's why we gotta send him to the bottom of the Hudson, and make him food for the trout
Word Life, Holla Front, Rest in Piece Q-Dawg
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